Устина Наталья Викторовна

Ustina Natalya Viktorovna

Work experience: 36 years
Teaching experience: 30 years
Scientific and teaching experience: 29 years

Associate Professor N.V. Ustina has been working at PSU since 1984. She works on a new scientific direction of Synergy and its connection with humanitarian disciplines, having published 15 articles on this subject. The total list of her scientific works amounts to 70. They were published in the international collected papers, HAC journals, Foreign Languages at School journal. She has more than 15 academic aids and is an author of two monographs.

Associate Professor N.V. Ustina provides active educational and extramural work with students, positively influencing them by her respect to her profession, by helping them choosing a civil position and professional competencies. She is the head of a German language club – German is Spoken Here.

Students’ portfolio and an electronic course in edu-pglu are the most important part of the classes of N.V. Ustina.

N.V. Ustina takes an active part in the projects implemented together with MIALE. She is an author of the following courses: Linguistics and Intercultural Communication. German Language; Project activity of Students at the German Language Grammar Lessons; German Language in a Social Work.