Мирзаханова Айнабат Эфлетдиновна

Mirzakhanova Aynabat Efletdinovna

Work experience: 36 years
Teaching experience: 28 years
Scientific and teaching experience: 31 years

Associate Professor Aynabat Efletdinovna Mirzakhanova has been working in PSU since 1985. In 2000 she successfully defended her Candidate thesis. Area of her expertise includes typology and hermeneutics.

A.E. Mirzakhanova is a high-qualified expert, methodologist, and researcher. She supervises a scientific work of students and masters, takes an active part in a work of the project of Moscow Union of German Culture – Ethnocultural Education of Russian Germans. She actively participates in seminars, organized by Goethe German Cultural Center and German Service of Academic Exchanges. She took advanced training at Goethe Institute in Moscow. International interinstitutional seminar – Contemporary Requirements for the International Scientific Publications – was organized by A.E. Mirzakhanova in 2013.

Analytical Reading textbook received a mark of the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation in 2014. Analytical Reading database (V.D. Belova, A.E. Mirzakhanova) received a Certificate of Rospatent for the registration in the Database Register no. 2015620446.