Авакова Марина Лазарьевна

Avakova Marina Lazaryevna

Work experience: 23 years
Scientific and teaching experience: 24 years
Marina Lazaryevna Avakova graduated from the English and German Languages Department at Pyatigorsk State University in 1997. Since 2014 she has been working at the Chair of English Language and Professional Communication. 

She gives the following classes: 

  • Practical course of the Second Foreign Language Communication Culture (45.03.02 Linguistics. Theory and methods of foreign languages and cultures teaching);
  • Practicum on the Oral Communication Culture in the Second Foreign Language (45.03.02 Linguistics. Theory and Methods of Foreign Languages and Cultures Teaching);
  • Practicum of Career-Guided Speech of the Second Foreign Language (43.03.02 Linguistics. Theory and Practice of Intercultural Communication);
  • Practical Phonetics of the Second Foreign Language (44.03.05 Pedagogic Education (with two majors). Spanish and English).
  • Fundamentals of Career-guided Communication at English Language Class (44.03.05 Pedagogic education (with two majors). Spanish and English).
  • Multimedia cross-cultural communication in a professional environment (27.03.05 Innovation Studies. Innovational Project Management in Industrial Field).

Area of expertise: 

  • Gender linguistics;
  • Contemporary institutional discourse studies of professional communication;
  • Timely issues of career-guided English language teaching.

Profession (personal) achievements: an experienced specialist, who possesses progressive English language teaching methods. 

M.L. Avakova is a supervisor of a scientific innovative project titled “Specificity of anti-language in English alternative speech behavior (on the material of Twitter and internet memes)”, which occupied 3rd place at the final stage of the annual competition of Innovational Potential of University Youth” in the nomination of Linguistics (2019).