Academic Centers and Institutes

Agency of Strategic Project Activity

B.Y. Gershkovich Business Center of Innovation Studies and Efficiency of Administration and Entrepreneurship

Business Center was open on October 7, 2010. The opening was assigned to the birthday of Boris Yakovlevich Gershkovich, Doctor of Economic Studies, Professor, Honored Scientist of Russia, active member of Russian Academy of Social Sciences, who was the Head of the Chair of Economic Theory at Pyatigorsk State Linguistic University for more than 40 years.

Scientific and pedagogic merits of Professor B.Y. Gershkovich are very significant. Due to the results of his activity, today we ha

Business Center of Tourism, Service, and Consulting

The system of human resources for tourism, service, and consulting training is very important for the tourism complex functioning. High-qualified human resources influence the profitability of tourism enterprises and are one of the factors which guarantee the leadership in the market of tourism resources. The growth of tourism activity requires an increase of qualified human resources. The formation of the Business Center of Tourism, Service, and Consulting was induced by the creation of the Dep

Dissertation Board D 212.193.03 (political sciences)

Dissertation Board D 212.193.02 (philological sciences)

Institute of Government and Confessional Relations

On June 2011 Division of Theology of PSU was transformed into the Institute of Government and Confessional Relations. It was possible due to the support of Plenipotentiary of the President in NCFD, Deputy Chairman of Russian Government Aleksandr Gennadievich Khloponin, in light of a timely need to create an effective educational structure, as well as research and academic base for cooperation between government and confessions, to train, retrain, and provide additional training for human resourc

A.I. Perepelitsyn Intellectual Center for World Regional Historical Processes Studies and Cross-cultural Dialogue

This Academic Innovative Laboratory was established in 2012.

The Laboratory has an aim to carry out research, educational and project work in the field of scientific and practical implementation of historical knowledge in educational and research practice; develop analytical thinking of students, education of patriotism, respect for the Fatherland and other countries, religious tolerance, participation in the student self-governance.

Objectives of the Laboratory:

Research Institute of Strategic Studies

Research Center of Interactional Linguistics and Institutional Communication

The Center of Interactional Linguistics and Institutional and Law Communicativistics was established in 2013. The Center carries out scientific researches in interactional linguistics, communication in multigenre institutional discourse formations (parliament, political, and mass media discourse, persuasive dialogue), a study of common speech interaction, description of functional and semantic fields of linguistic forms, which implement interactional categories of the language.

Scientifc and Research Center of Comparative Pedagogics

Studies of the Linguistic Reality in the Context of Intercultural Strategic Dialogue – Academic Center

Political Regional Studies – Academic Center

Applied Linguistics, Terminology, and Linguocognitive Technologies – Academic Center

Personality Psychology and Professional Activity Academic Center

The North Caucasus in the Historical and Civilizational Space of Russia – Academic Center

Contemporary Technologies of Social and Cultural Projecting – Academic Center

Contemporary Technologies of Social Management and Social Work, University Management, and Intellectual Property Development – Academic Center

Digital Humanitarian Technologies – Academic Center

Digit – Academic Center of Computer Philosophy

Research and Practice Center of Multidisciplinary Humanitarian Studies, Advice, and Expertise.

Scientific and Educational Center for Political and Ethnopolitical Research

Research Center of Legal Enquiry of NCFD at Judicial Institute of PSU

Scientific and Practice Psychological Center of System Studies of Human’s Individuality

Scientific and Practice Psychological Center of System Studies of Human’s Individuality was formed following PSU Rector’s order no. 1212-k dated September 29, 2006, as a structural unit of the university to provide integrated research and applied activity of the professional psychological community of the university for the solution of timely psychological problems in educational, social, political, and economic fields.

Professor Lyubov Vladimorovna Mischenko, corresponding memb

“Social Excellence” Research and Practical Center

“Health and Success” Psychological Treatment and Health Research and Practice Innovative Center

“Health and Success” center was formed following the decision of the Scientific Council of PSLU as an academic and innovative complex in order to integrate scientific and psychological schools of the university, medical, treatment, and sports units of the university and city’s facilities, practical realization of a scientific potential of the university while delivering psychological, medical, treatment, and recreational help to the population. An order for the Center formation was signed

North Caucasus Research Center of Politics and Law Problems

Center of International Education PSU

Center of Translation Activities

Center of Applied Foreign Languages PSU

The principal focus areas of the Center

The Center of Applied Foreign Languages was established at the university in 2012. It was formed following the initiative of the heads of the chairs, which provided training on applied foreign languages in the field of tourism within the frameworks of intercultural communication: Professor A.A. Kornienko, Head of the Chair of French philology and intercultural communication,

School of Law

Legal Clinic