Научно-образовательный центр вычислительной философии «Digit»

The Center’s aims is a high-quality training of young specialists in the field of computer philosophy and digital humanitarian sciences, based on the integration of scientific and pedagogical potential of PSU subdivisions while carrying your fundamental and applied scientific studies, commercialization of their results, working out of new programs and methods, which develop and join fundamental scientific studies and academic process, methodic supply of an academic process, maintenance of international partnership.

The Center’s objectives:

1. Development and carrying out fundamental and applied scientific works in the field of computer philosophy and digital humanitarian sciences. In particular, philosophy of informational technologies, philosophy of computer science, methodology of artificial intellect.

2. Provision of the interaction of fundamental and applied science with educational process at all its stages, including the use of results of joint scientific and research works in lecture courses, an experimental base for implementation of academic, research, laboratory, and year works, production, and pre-degree practice.

3. Attraction of qualified workers of scientific organizations to read special lectures and supervise research, year, diploma works, practice of students, and internships of postgraduates.

4. Strengthening of physical facilities of the educational process, scientific studies, and technological working-outs in the field of digital humanitarian sciences.

5. Academic work level increase by means of creation of new scientific programs, text-books, academic and methodic aids, including electronic ones in the contemporary electronic library systems.

6. Human resources training for Russian systems of science and education.

7. Organization of efficient collaboration with other academic centers and higher schools for development of new generation educational standards, implementation of student exchange, and education in the 47.04.01 Philosophy master program.

8. Maintenance of international partnership in the field of computer philosophy by means of contracts performance, participation of the Center in the international conferences, organization of staff, students, young scientists international exchange with specialized universities and laboratories of the world, international scientific and educational organizations and funds.

9. Popularization of scientific knowledge and pre-university profession-guided works, organization of school, university Olympiads, scientific and practical conferences of students and postgraduates, workshops, and exhibitions, development and practice implementation of the measures to motivate talented young people for a professional career in the field of computer philosophy and digital humanitarian sciences.

The following results were achieved in 2020:

The attraction of external funding (300,000 rubles) for the scientific and research work on the project of “Difficulties of Checkmate Metaphor in Philosophical Schools about Language and Consciousness”; Contract no. 20-111-50109\20;

Publication of electronic textbook with the label of Academic Methodological Association (16 p.s.): P.N. Baryshnikov, Philosophy of Language: Historical Perspectives (textbook for higher schools). Moscow: Urait publishing house, 2020. 409 p. (Higher education), ISBN 978-5-534-13119-2. Text: electronic// Urait. URL: https://urait.ru/bcode/449238;

Edition work within the frameworks of the Philolosphic Problems of IT and Cyberspace journal no.2, 2020. http://cyberspace.pglu.ru/issues/list.php?SECTION_ID=5539;

Four articles were published in the peer-reviewed journals and collected papers (1 ERIH PLUS, 3 RSCI);

An article was published within the frameworks of the collaboration with University of Warmia and Mazury in Olsztyn, Poland, together with I.A. Ndiaye, P.N. Baryshnikov, Spots of Chocolate: Stanislaw Lem in Memoirs of his Son // Fifth Lem Readings: collected papers of International Scientific Conference devoted to Stanislaw Lem, editor in chief A.Y. Nesterov, Samara: Samara Humanitarian Academy, 2020. P. 455-464;

Participation in three international conferences;

Implementation of the project within the frameworks of the partnership with the Agency of Integrational Initiatives (Smolensk), work at discussion platform “Digit against Letter”, devoted to the 100th birthday of science-fiction writer A. Azimov. The event was backed by the Fund of President Grants (project no. 20-1-001272) https://pgu.ru/news/?ELEMENT_ID=472579;

Participation in the Neurophilosophy section meeting of the Scientific Board on Methodology of Artificial Intellect and Cognitive Studies at Presidium of Russian Academy of Sciences. https://pgu.ru/news/?ELEMENT_ID=489794.

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