Научно-образовательно-инновационная лаборатория «Лингваконтент»

The Chair of Spanish Studies and Intercultural Communication runs Linguacontent – academic and research laboratory of discourse studies.

The Laboratory is headed by Associate Professor I.A. Kobyakova, Candidate of Philological Studies.

Laboratory studies the following three modules:

region studies;

The linguistics module carries out scientific and theoretic linguistic studies in the field of Spanish studies:

The principle scientific and research focus areas of this module are:

Spanish punctuation (E.N. Pronchenko);
Political discourse (N.V. Gurova)
Business and scientific discourse (S.V. Sviontkovskaya).

Region Studies module carries out work on culture, literature, the art of Iberoamerican countries:

Spanish language and culture of the Latin American countries (A.S. Potapenko).

Linguodidactics module carries out work and introduction of new methods and forms of foreign languages teaching:

working out and introduction of the method of profession-guided Spanish language teaching into the educational process (N.I. Filatova, E.N. Pronchenko).

The Laboratory carries out screening of public order, connected with the issues of Spanish language demand, provides for the informational base for professional training and retraining of teaching staff; traces the scientific research on the Spanish studies and region studies in Russia and abroad; develops scientific contacts with Spanish scholars informs target people about scientific and practice conferences, symposiums, roundtables, etc; assists to the scientific and methodological provision of an educational process; supervises the research projects of students.

Положение о научно-образовательно-инновационных лабораториях (НОИЛ) и научно-образовательно-инновационных комплексах (НОИК) ФГБОУ ВО «ПГУ»

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