Language Centers

Center of German Language and Culture

The Center of German Language and Culture successfully implements its work at the Institute of Romance and German Languages, Informational, and Humanitarian Technologies, directed by N.V. Papka, Associate Professor of the chair of German Studies and Intercultural Communication.

The activity of the Center is innovative.

The Cen

Сhinese Club

Center of Arabic Language, Islam Studies and Islamic Culture

Center of Armenian Language and Culture

The objective of the Center of Armenian Language and Culture is popularization and study of Armenian language and culture in the North Caucasus (particularly in the Caucasus Mineral Waters region), the establishment of intercultural contacts with academic organizations of Armenia and similar centers in the Russian Federation, strengthening of international relations between Russian South and Armenia,

Center of Hebrew and Jewish Culture

The formation of the Center of Hebrew and Jewish Culture at Pyatigorsk State University – leader on the Russian and global scientific and educational space – was conditioned by the innovative strategy of the university, as one of the constituents of the PSU development as the center of cultural and language diversity.

Broadening international economic, politic, cultural, and friendship ties with foreign countries makes it timely to develop the language spectrum for educational p

Center of Spanish Language and Culture

A Center of Spanish Language and Culture is a structural subdivision of Institute of Roman and German Languages, Informational and Humanitarian Technologies of Pyatigorsk State University, which implements an academic, consulting, and informational work in the field of Spanish language. The center was formed in 2006 and has been working within the frameworks of the University’s Statute and Center’s Regulations.

Fundamental Activity of the Center:

Center of Italian Language and Culture

Центр итальянского языка 1.jpg



A broadening of international economic, political,

Center of Chinese Language and Culture

There is a growing demand in Chinese language translators and interpreters in the world. It is connected with a huge influence of China on a world economy. Chinese language is one of six official UN languages. Russia is establishing ties with China in all the levels including cultural exchanges and business projects.  Considering this fact, a scientific board of the Institute of Translatology and Multilingualism brought a question of Chinese language teaching for discussion. Since 2006 Chin

Center of Polish Language and Culture

The Center of Polish Language and Culture was formed in April 2011 at the Higher School of Language Arts, European, and Eastern Languages. Piotr Marciniak, minister-counselor of the Polish Embassy visited an opening ceremony of the Center.

At present, the Center of Polis

Center of Portuguese Language and Culture of Portugal and Brazil