“Pushkin Institute” Center of Russian Language and Culture was opened on January 28, 2014 on the basis of educational and cultural Center of Russian Language and Culture at Higher School of Language Arts, European and Eastern Languages. Organization of events within the frameworks of the Russian language and Russian education promotion program is the purpose of the Center. The Center implements close cooperation with A.S. Pushkin State Institute of Russian Language, Administration of International Relations of PSU, Center of International Education, Web Portal Department, Center of Information and Educational Technologies, with all Institutes and Higher Schools.

The Center is headed by Irina Borisovna Fedotova, Doctor of Pedagogic Sciences, Head of the Chair of Linguistic Arts, Pedagogic Technologies of Philological Education.

“Pushkin Institute” Center of Russian Language and Culture
  • Implements scientific studies and practical working outs in timely problems of Russian philology, Russian language as foreign, linguistic culture, ethnolinguistics, region studies, and different level of their humanitarian education;
  • Distributes philological knowledge among school students, Russian and foreign students, teachers, students’ parents in multicultural space of the North Caucasus Federal District and South Caucasus;
  • Develops respect and love to Russian language and culture, and cultural heritage of Russia;
  • Actively participates in promotion of Russian language and culture in foreign countries.

The principal tasks of the Pushkin Institute includes scientific and research work [collection of theoretic and practice data in “Russian Language as State Language of the Russian Federation and Linguistic World Map of the North Caucasus”, their generalization and organization of scientific and practice conferences of the PSU tutors, additional training courses for school teachers of our region, who work with students with Russian language as second], international [active participation of foreign citizens in Russian language and culture study, as well as promotion of Russian language at international level, including the creation of Russian language and culture center in education establishments abroad, assistance to these establishments in organization of Russian language education for foreigners and Russians who live outside the country], educational [formation of open distance electronic courses in Russian language and distant education or Russian, foreign citizens, and children], methodic [study, generalization, and experience sharing of Russian language teachers of the region and assistance to school teachers of NCFD in organization of Russian language curriculum, as well as out-of-school activities, considering contemporary achievements of philological science and methodology of Russian language and literature education], pedagogic [development of love and respect for the profession of teacher, on the basis of profound study of Russian language and literature], humanitarian and philological [work with gifted school students of NCFD, Russian and foreign students, who are interested in Russian linguistics (lectures, colloquiums, discussions, readers conferences, creative competitions Olympiads)].

There are basic directions of the Center’s activity:
  • Analytic and organizational work in the formation of partner connections in promotion of Russian language and education in Russian among Russian organizations;
  • Organization of events on the Russian language and Russian education promotion program, training of human resources for these events organization;
  • Working out, probation, and introduction of open electronic courses in Russian language;
  • Education of foreign Russian language teachers in additional training programs;
  • Educational programs from pre-school to higher education and from additional education of Russian citizens to the Russian education abroad;
  • Formation and probation of “Educational Tourism” program;
  • Publication in newspapers like Pyatigorskaya Pravda, Kavkazskaya Zdravnitsa, Nash Universitet, Philomania of the materials, devoted to the educational activity of Pushkin Institute;
  • Participation of teachers, school students, foreign students, and spirituality representatives of the region in annual Cyril and Methodius Readings;
  • Support of the “Total Dictation” international literacy program
  • Organization of teacher auditorium on the problems of general philological culture development of the Russian language and literature teachers of the NCFD region and improvement of the professional growth, individual style of pedagogic activity (theory, technologies, practice).

A participation of the Center in the International congress “Dialogue of Cultures in Eurasian Educational Space” in Baku, Azerbaijan and in “Language Policy: all-Russian Expertise” forum-dialogue in Moscow was an important part of the university development. Pyatigorsk State University was represented by I.B. Fedotova, head of the Center of the Russian Language and Culture “Pushkin Institute”. In her performance she characterized a unique language situation of the NCFD, told about the diversity of languages and cultures, which co-exist in mutual respect and interpenetration, as well as a role of the Centers of the Russian Language and Culture in Popularization of the Russian language in Russia and abroad.

Положение о Центре русского языка и культуры ФГБОУ ВО "ПГУ"

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