Профсоюзная организация студентов и аспирантов

Brief History

Trade-Union Organization of Students was formed in 1939, starting from the first day of Pyatigorsk State Pedagogical and Teaching Institute (now PSU).

Its active members made a hospital out of classrooms, and student girls worked as medical nurses helping the country during a hard time. Later trade unions together with Komsomol started taking part in student construction brigades, pedagogical practice, sports, and cultural work among the students.

Student trade union organization of a Soviet period worked together with Komsomol in the following areas:

improvement of living conditions;

organization of sports events;

public dining control;

distribution of spa treatment and vacation packages;

organization of socialistic competitions.

The organization was focused on military and patriotic, cultural, and international work.

The trade union of students was headed by Ella Vitalyevna Kotrakova from 1983 to 1990. She graduated from the Department of English Language. Closer attention was paid to the strengthening of academic and labor discipline; organization of socialistic competition; cultural work, living conditions and leisure of students formation of Marxist-Leninist worldview; improvement of spa center Orekhovaya Roscha.

Associate Professor A.Y. Grankin, Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences, was elected the chairman of the Trade Union Organization of Students from 1990 to 2003. The position of the trade union strengthened. According to the law about trade unions, regulation about the professional organization of students and postgraduates of PSLU and following the collective agreement between the university administration and Trade Union Organization of Students, a trade-union committee of students:

Protects social and economic rights and interests of students on all levels of governance and interpersonal communication within the legislature of the Russian Federation and panhuman morality;

Acts as a mediator in conflict situation solution;

Takes part in the work of scholarship committees at departments (through the chairmen of trade-union bureau), and in material and general assistance for needy students;

Coordinates observance of legal standards considering orphan students;

Provides assistance to students and postgraduates from large families and student families;

Organizes leisure, recreation, and preventive treatment of the trade-union members: Damkhurts sports camp, Orekhovaya Roscha spa center; Stavropolie sports and recreation camp; Eksan treatment company;

Cooperates with MIALE and the Chair of Physical Education on the organization of cultural and sports work;

Informs students about annexion and alteration to laws, concerning higher school;

Carries out work on provision students and postgraduates with free medical insurance;

Reaches out for state-funded places for students’ children in kindergartens;

Is a member of the Russian Association of Trade-Union Organizations of Students (RATOS);

And it does a lot more, everything to be useful and necessary for people in hard times, uniting all 3,500 members of a trade union, students and postgraduates of PSU, being the only public organization.

On August 28, 2004, the new management board of trade union organization was elected at the broadened meeting of trade-union committee of students and postgraduates of the university according to the Regulations of Trade-Union Workers of Education and Science of the Russian Federation and Norms of student trade-union organization of PSU. Associate Professor A.V. Vartanov, Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences was elected unanimously.

In September 2008, Armen Vartanov was appointed the assistant for social work of prorector on social and economic policy and security. On December 9, 2009, the university held an IV election conference with a full account of the PSLU trade-union organization work from 2004 to 2009.  The election of the trade-union chairman was also held, resulting in Armen Vartanov election unanimously.

Apart from that, A.V. Vartanov is a winner of the Student Leader – VII All-Russia Competition (2009).

At present, the structure of Trade-Union Organization of Students includes chairman Armen Vladimirovich Vartanov, chief accountant Irina Vladimirovna Shevchenko, deputy chairman on organizational issues Igor Arturovich Khvan, instructors Yulia Leshukova and Vladimir Fedorov.

Principle Focus Areas

Today, the trade-union organization of PSU unites about 5,000 students and postgraduates of both educational forms (internal and external), and protects its members according to its objectives. This is a solution to social and economic, civic, students problem on all levels of governance and human communication within the legislature of the Russian Federation and panhuman morality.

Active members of student trade-union organizations amount to 50 students and postgraduates.

Social protection and support are the most significant focus areas of the trade-union organization of students and postgraduates.

Trade-union active members also help to determine priority focuses of recreational and cultural work of the trade-union committee. Trade-union bureaus of departments hold schools of professional active members, training of personal growth and teamwork, which took place at foot of Mashuk mountain. In order to raise the level of legal literacy of students, the trade union of students formed a Student Law Club in 2005, which was presented together with the results of its work in April 2007, and trade-union newspaper PROF.COM was added a new page.

The work of active students of PSU goes way beyond the walls of the university. Together with the student council, the trade-union committee renders assistance to orphan house, veterans and families, suffered during emergencies and terrorist attacks.

As a part of broadened meetings of the trade-union committee, active students systematically meet the Rector of PSU Aleksandr Pavlovich Gorbunov and the administration of the university.

The trade-union organization of students and postgraduates of PSU runs committees, services, clubs on different fields: academic and legal, living, organizational, cultural, committee on social protection of students as well as PR service, psychological service, student legal club, international club SHIK, Prof.film cinema club, For Rent service of accommodation search.

The formation of these committees, services, and clubs is conditioned by the development of trade-union activity at PSU. The development of these subunits promotes the improvement of management structure and activity in certain subunits.

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