PSLU on the Republican Fair of Educational Services in Kabardino-Balkaria

ПГЛУ на республиканской ярмарке образовательных услуг в КБР
The republican fair of educational services on the basis of Berbekov Social and Humanitarian Institute of KBR took place on 18 November. It was organized by the Employment and Social Protection Center in Nalchik and personally by the director Tatyana Kanunnikova.

This event, which has become traditional, gathered the representatives of different institutions of NCFD and SFD, and senior school students of the republic.

According to T.G. Kanunnikova the main goal of the events like these is early career guidance for children and the youth by means of the acquaintance of future students with an education market of the region.

Pyatigorsk State Linguistic University was represented on the event by G.Y. Lebedev, the executive secretary of the Admission Committee of the university, A.V. Grigoryeva, the manager of pre-study courses of PSLU, and F.M. Nartokova, the expert of Pre-University Training Center. 

Prospective students were shown the educational capabilities of the university and offered with the corresponding informational materials, which explain the details of the university directions of trainings, classroom-based and extramural activities. 

As the result of the fair, the heads of the delegations made a decision to extend the form of educational actions of this type by means of introduction of vocation career guidance events, events for intermediate school students, as well as trainings, and workshops for school students, organized by the institutions students of the region.