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Two PSLU Tutors Received Grants of the President of the Russian Federation for Young Russian Scientists


On May 25th, Pyatigorsk State Linguistic University held the presentation of certificates to two PSLU tutors, winners of the 2016 competition for the Russian Federation Presidents Grant for Young Scientists, Candidates, and Doctors of Sciences. The ceremony was held by the Assistant Plenipotentiary of the President of the Russian Federation in NCFD Aleksey Yurievich Semionov.

As the result of the competition of research projects 2016 Candidate of Philological Sciences, Associate Professor, member of Russian Association of Linguists Cognitologists Maksim Nikolaevich Latu, and Candidate of Philosophic Sciences, Associate Professor Yuriy Mikhaylovich Shaev repeated the experience of 2014 and received Russian Federation President Grants for young scientists, candidates and doctors of sciences in “Social and Humanitarian Sciences”.

-          MK-4913.2016.6 “Complex Cognitive Study and Development of Prototypical Model of Term Definition on the Basis of Frame and Semantic Network Reconstruction (on the example of different scientific directions)”, supervised by M.N. Latu (Chair of Western European Languages and Cultures). The project is devoted to a cognitive modelling of constituents of specialized sublanguages of the priority scientific fields like nanotechnologies, using principals of net semantics.

-          MK-7802.2016.6 “Internet of Things and Social Ontology”, supervised by Y.M. Shaev (Chair of Historic, Social, and Philosophic Disciplines, Oriental Studies, and Theology). The project is devoted to the study for social impacts of the Internet of things, which determine ontological contours of contemporary culture and society.

Saint Petersburg State University, Belgorod State National Research University, National Research Tomsk State University, Siberian Federal University, Ural Federal University, Novosibirsk National Research University etc were among the winners.

The grants competition is carried out by the Ministry of Education and Sciences together with the Council for Grants of the President of the Russian Federation every year in accordance with the President’s Order from February 9, 2009 to develop the system of efficient functioning of human resource potential in education and science, to improve quality of scientists and education workers, to strengthen a governmental support of young scientist. This support has a great importance today. The winners are the works with significant scientific novelty, which give evidence about a relevant contribution of young scientist in the science development and their creative mind.

The researches are carried out on the basis of the research center of “Applied Linguistics, Terminology, Linguistic and Cognitive Technologies” at Pyatigorsk State Linguistic University headed by M.N. Latu. The project implementation is carried out not only by young candidates of sciences. The research work actively involves postgraduate students, and students, who can be proud of their own scientific achievements. M.N. Latu and Y.M. Shaev have a big experience in implementation of research projects as supervisors, as well as realizers within the programs of Federal Programs backed by Russian Humanitarian Science Foundation etc. They publish results of their researches in Russian and foreign peer-reviewed journals which are included in the international citation systems of Scopus and Web of Service. The researches are also the authors of the whole range of intellectual property objects. Every year they take part in the work of international conferences, congresses, meetings in Russia and abroad. They are decorated with Russian organizations awards.

The problems of the projects are connected with the challenges of XXI century. The project participants are not only to generalize and to make clear theories, methods and approaches of the contemporary science, but to obtain new fundamental and practice-oriented results about the storage, structuring and processing of knowledge, making a significant contribution into the development of humanitarian technologies in our country.

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