UNIVERSUM-ROMANUM IV International Academic Conference in PSU


UNIVERSUM-ROMANUM IV International Academic Conference took place on 24-25 October 2016 at the Institute of Roman and German Languages and Humanitarian Technologies. It has a form of network collaboration with the partner universities of Astrakhan, Voronezh, Limoges (France), and Lille (France). The conference was opened by Professor A.P. Gorbunov, Rector of PSU. He handed Madame Ann Gabo a medal of honorable Professor of PSU. For 20 years she have been the Head of the international department of Humanitarian Department of Limoges University, as well as supervisor of the Double-Diploma program, which is available within the frameworks of an agreement on scientific and academic collaboration of PSU and Limoges University.

Ann Gabo, G.G. Galstyn, M. Marti, and L. Peru-Perot (France) performed at the plenary meeting. The second day included section classes, which discussed issues of text linguistics, intercultural communication, linguodidactics, and teaching of foreign languages as applied. The meeting of French tutors with master’s students took place on the same day. The meeting had two stages: general meeting and round tables, where the representatives of French delegation discussed the possibility of education and teaching of foreign languages as applied at the University of Lille and Limoges.

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