34th Mass Ascent on Beshtau Mountain

34-ое массовое восхождение на Бештау
Traditional 34th mass ascent on Beshtau mountain, the highest top of the KMV region, dedicated to the Defender of the Motherland Day took place on February 18.

More than 1000 people took part in the ascent: school and university students, teachers, cadets, veterans, Pyatigorsk administration representatives, as well as visitors of Pyatigorsk – teams from Kislovodsk, Stavropol, Sovetskiy Region of the Krai, Kabardino-Balkaria, and Armavir.

Pyatigorsk State University was represented by two teams of the Chair of Physical Education and Sports of the university under the direction of Assistant Professor A.V. Grebenyuk, organizer of the international project called “PSU Flag at the most famous summits of the world”. Advanced athletes headed by P.N. Baryshnikov patrolled upper slopes of Beshtau to render help in emergencies during the ascent. First year students in participated in sports groups which helped school students, who did not take part in military and sport game. Within the frameworks of this annual mass event there is a sport game for school students called Beshtau, which is organized by the Center of Children and Youth Tourism of Pyatigorsk.

The flag of the university was hoisted by the second-year students Ekaterina Mosaleva and Elena Mosaleva.

Aleksandr Viktorovich

Pavel Nikolayevich