Pushkin Institute Opened in the Italian University of Vanvitelli Campania

Центр партнерской сети «Институт Пушкина» создан в итальянском Университете Кампании «Ванвителли»
Based on the Russian language courses since 2015, and according to the Memorandum, signed by Pyatigorsk State University and Italian partner University of Vanvitelli Campania, Pushkin Institute was formed as a part of a partner network.

B. Takushinova who is on her work mission in the Center gives Russian language classes to 45 students, tutors of the Campania University as well as representatives of local community. She also organizes events devoted to Russian memorable days.

New format of the center, its inclusion into the Pushkin Institute network gives it new possibilities to popularize Russian language, its study using educational and methodic resources of the Education in Russian web-page, participation in the webinars and creative competitions. Prospects of the Center include organization of Russian language tests supported by Russian colleagues.

The Center was formed within the frameworks of the Russian Language Federal Target Program.