Участие ПГУ в I Международном Конгрессе преподавателей и руководителей подготовительных факультетов (отделений) вузов РФ
The I International Congress of the Lectors and Heads of Preparatory Departments of Russian Institutions “Pre-institution Stage of Education in Russia and the world: language, adaptation, society, profession took place in Moscow in the Department of Russian Language and Comprehensive Disciplines of PFUR fr om October 19 to 21, 2017.

Problems of the creation of uniform requirements to the level of graduates of preparatory departments of Russian institutions were on the agenda. Together with this, the participants discussed the results of a study for foreign students’ education in Russia, wh ere the name of Pyatigorsk State University was noted. PSU was represented by Nina Anatolievna Orlova, Candidate of Philological Sciences, Deputy Director of Center of International Education of PSU, Assistant professor of the technologies of philological education.

Nina Anatolyevna