On October 2, 2017, L.I. Ermakova, Doctor of Philosophic Sciences, Professor of the Chair of historic, social, philosophic disciplines, oriental studies and theology, and D.N. Sukhovskaya, Candidate of Philosophic Sciences, Senior Lector of the same chair took part in International Congress on Social Sciences and Humanities (Vien, Austria). Premier Publishing s.r.o. (Czech Republic), and Accent Graphics and Communications (Canada) organized the event.

Theses of L.I Ermakova and D.N. Sukhovskaya report called “Creative spaces of the city in the context of the formation of new social practices” reflected the studies of the project no. 16-33-00035 “Development of a theoretic model of the problem of formation of personal values in creative space of urban settlements and development of the thesaurus of social and philosophical concept “creative space of an urban population”, published in the collected papers of the Congress, listed in the RISC and other international citation indexes.

Larisa Ivanovna

Darya Nikolayevna