Virtual Day of Open Doors

Виртуальный день открытых дверей
Virtual Day of Open Doors took place at Pyatigorsk State University on November 25, 2017. In the first place, it was devoted to the future students who could not come to talk with the administration of the university because of different reasons.

153 people were registered for the participation in this event. From 10:00 am to 5:00 pm directors of  Institutes and Higher Schools demonstrated different majors of secondary vocational and higher education, talked about the possibility of training for the enrollment and additional education.

People with disabilities were also considered as future students. There were some questions from them. For example “if there is some facility to help to get to the second and next floors…”, “is it possible to receive distant education and in which majors…”, “which benefits will be provided for disabled people of different groups…” The university indeed has done a big work to help this category of future students. The university bought two will-chairs for disabled persons, three man-lifts for people with motive disabilities. A big volume of construction works was done to build ramps and rails. There are warning signs in difficult construction parts, new toilet rooms, doors are wide enough for a will-chair to pass. But there is more to do in this direction.  

A Virtual Day of Open Doors has been held for two years but it is insufficient in the opinion of the organizers. Therefore the similar event will be held in May 2018.