Russian Tea-party in Changchun Normal University

Чаепитие по-русски в Чанчуньском педагогическом университете

Russian Tea-party took place in the Center of Russian Language and Culture “Pushkin Institute” at the Russian Language Department of the Changchun Normal University on September 26, 2018. E.A. Shevel, Associate Professor at the Chair of Language Arts and Pedagogic Technologies of Philological Education of Pyatigorsk State University told the II and III year students about the traditions of the Russian tea-drinking.

Chinese students who study Russian language learned the traditions of the Russian tea-drinking when tea came to Russia, differences of tea traditions in China, England, Japan, and learned Russian proverbs about tea.

In the end, tutors and students experienced the atmosphere of a real traditional Russian tea ceremony and not only could taste a nosy cup of tea but also enjoy barankas, sushkas, and Russian chocolate.


Ekaterina Anatolyevna