On November 12, 2018, “Pushkin Institute” Center of Russian Language and Culture at Campania Luigi Vanvitelli University (Italy) received a delegation from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Italy headed by its plenipotentiary Fabrizio Nicoletti. The official visit program of F. Nicoletti in Campania University included the visit of the Center of Russian Language and Culture.

Italian students prepared for the meeting with dignitaries in the best Russian traditions with karavai (round loaf) and folk songs, under the guidance of M.V. Dzhagaryan, lector at the Chair of Linguocommunicativistics and Applied Languages, backed by the Department of International Ties and Educational Programs. After the official part, Mr. F. Nicoletti talked to lectors and students, thanked them for a warm welcome and expressed his hope for further fruitful collaboration between our universities, as well as between our countries.

Together with F. Nicoletti the Center welcomed Honored Professor of PSU Rosanna Cioffi, Prorector for Culture at Luigi Vanvitelli Campania University, Massimo Capaccioli, world famous astrophysicist, Honored Professor of the University of Naples Federico II, honored guest of PSU, and other officials. All the guests marked a high level of students’ training and expressed gratitude to the lector for her work.
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Marina Vladimirovna