Pyatigorsk State University Implements “VISEU EDUCA” Social Program in Portugal

 ПГУ проводит реализацию социальной программы «VISEU EDUCA» в Португалии

Pyatigorsk State University, “Pushkin Institute” Center of Russian Language and Culture at Piaget Institute (Viseu, Portugal) together with Viseu municipality implement “VISEU EDUCA” social program for elementary school children (6-9 years old).

Along with this program Diana Merinova, II year master’s student (major “Pedagogic education”, masters’s program “Linguopedagogic models of teaching Russian as foreign language”) provides Russian language classes in several schools of Viseu, Portugal: Escola Básica 1º Ciclo de Mundão, Escola Básica 1º Ciclo de Casal de Mundão и Escola Básica 1º Ciclo de Travassós de Cima.

The main objective of the program, which has been implemented for two years, is the organization of a dialogue of cultures, evoking interest to Russian language, literature, traditions learning