For the first time PSU hosted Academic Architecture Semenov Readings (which have not been taken place in the region since 2001) with Contemporary architectural, art, and town-planning decisions, linked with the works of V.N. and N.N. Semenovs in CMW Region on the agenda.

Academic readings were hosted by Caucasus Mineral Water representation of the South Department of Russian Academy of Architecture and Construction Sciences. Architectural Semenov Readings are one of the perspective discussion forums for professional community of architects and creative young people.

Sevenov Readings opening invited E.I. Mironova, corresponding member of RAACN, Professor V.B. Besolova, RAACN counselor, corresponding member of International Academy of Architecture, V.L. Kurbatova, RAACN counselor. The chairmanship of the readings belonged to A.S. Kikhel, an honored member of RAACN, head of the CMW representation of RAACN.

The organizers highly praised the professional level of Higher School of Design and Architecture, headed by O.A. Kovalyova. Aleksandr Gorbunov, rector of Pyatigorsk State University told in his opening speech about an active work of the Higher School and noted that this “young” subdivision fitted perfectly into the academic family of the university.

Maina Markova, Deputy Minister of Construction and Architecture of Stavropol Krai, chief architect, thanked A.P. Gorbunov for the formation of an architecture school in the university, for the high quality of education of future experts who would be in demand. Deputy Minister promised to render all possible assistance for the development of new disciplines at the Higher School.

The organizers and participants of the conference set themselves the wide spectrum tasks to discuss: measures for the preservation of CMW resorts; historical monuments of great architects. The readings allowed discussion of the whole range of problems concerning town-construction concepts of CMW and problems of higher school of architecture in Krai.

The event also included a round-table in order to discuss the problems of agglomeration of CMW cities, as well as conceptual offers for status and methodology of the resort cities image determination, and also the problems concerning usage of some territories in the special security arrangement areas, and issues of higher architectural education.

As a result of the Semenov Readings discussions, a range of problems was set. It will require further careful thought in order to give them a scientific estimation. A new approach of discussion was offered on a level of “great academy” which would include dispute and polemics. The results of Semenov Readings were reflected in a resolution, which included:

  • a town-construction situation in CMW;
  • conceptual recommendations on a discovery of resort cities individuality;

  • a necessity in the scientific estimation of Sevenov brothers legacy in CMW;

  • specification of the situation, linked with powers and authority of municipal architects in the historical legacy field;

  • importance of each architecturally significant historical building in the formation of resort construction style.

The conference participants discussed the necessity of corresponding authorities’ paying attention to the professional, scientific drafting of the security documents package for historical and cultural heritage sites.

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