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PSU Continues the Events within Russian-Spanish Cross Year of Science and Education – 2019

В ПГУ продолжаются мероприятия в рамках Перекрестного российско-испанского года науки и образования 2019

The Center of Spanish Language and Culture (headed by Associate Professor N.V. Sementsova) continues the work of “Spanish Language Conversation Club” within Russian-Spanish cross year of science and education at Institute of Roman and German Languages, Informational and Humanitarian Technologies (IRGLIHT). The club is led by Nuria Galán Sosa, lector of Spanish Agency for International Collaboration and Development.

This time, not only IRGLIHT students took part in the club session but also a student from Cantabria, who represented CIESE Comillas – Spanish language and culture Fund “Comillas”. Claudia Castanedo Vega was invited to have an internship at the Department of Spanish and English Languages on master’s program called “Teaching of Spanish as Foreign Language” in accordance with PSU and Comillas collaboration agreement.

Nuria Galán Sosa always makes the conversation club session creative and professional, because she believes that this practice like this influences the improvement of an academic process and atmosphere in a group.

This time Nuria prepared socio-dramatic plays for PSU students, which gave positive results, raised the interest of the students to work in the club, allowed them to focus on the main thing – acquirement of oral speech skills in a natural situation while playing. Spanish lector applied this original academic action in order to make the participants speak fluently within the set circumstances, being in the role of one of the foreign communicators. A problem situation solution was an obligatory element of the game. Students had to thoroughly thing over the situations, search for the right choice, to know participants how to rationalize and make objections, as well as to convince the opponent.

The guys were satisfied with the club work because an informal communication like this allows students to eliminate tension which they can feel while answering questions at usual classes, they are freer and more at ease.

Nuria Galán Sosa invites everyone who is interested to join the conversation club. The sessions dates can be found on PSU web page or official accounts of IRGLIHT in social networks.


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Anastasiya Fedorovna