April 12 and 13, 2019, the Chair of Personal Psychology and Professional Activity (headed by Svetlana Khrebina) in Kislovodsk branch of “Poisk” Center for Gifted Children hosted Successful Person Development in the Age of Globalization – All-Russian Scientific and Practical Psychology Conference, devoted to the 80th anniversary of Pyatigorsk State University.

The conference gathered more than 100 participants from different Russian cities: Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Armavir, Rostov-on-Don, Pyatigorsk, Essentuki, Mineralnye Vody, Kislovodsk, and others. Participants included scientific workers of the leading Russian institutions (doctors and candidates of sciences), tutors, students, educational psychologists, consulting psychologists, and parents.

The All-Russian conference was organized by the Chair of Personal Psychology and Professional Activity (PSU), Kislovodsk branch of “Poisk” Center for Gifted Children, Federation of Educational Psychologists of Russia, Non-Profit Organization LIDER – Center of Additional Education, Stavropol.

The conference was held in order to integrate psychological science and practice into the solution of problems concerning the educational system, motivation of cognitive self-development and self-improvement of students and tutors, strengthening of a scientific and pedagogic collaboration of tutors in the age of globalization.

The achievements and contemporary state of scientific and practical psychology in Russia concerning successful person development as well as resourceful psychological and pedagogic experience of tutors were summarized in order to determine the strategy of successful person's development and creation of conditions for students.

The results achieved during the discussion will promote the advanced training of pedagogues, development of their creative potential, creation of psychological and pedagogic conditions for innovations, research and project work, form creative and research ties of additional education with leading scientific and educational organizations of the Russian Federation, increase popularity of psychological science and practice among young people, unite the efforts of educational organizations directors, pedagogues, psychologists, and employers in order to attain qualitative effects in successful experts training.

At the conference, the participants presented their scientific reports on timely issues of successful person psychology and prospects of his development within the educational and professional activity as well as in the social sphere. It also held 10 workshops which focused on the study of proper successfulness by means of psychological techniques and formation of a successful person in an educational environment.

A resolution was passed based on the results of the conference. All the participants were given the certificates.

Everyone agreed that the materials of the All-Russian Scientific and Practical Psychology Conference would make a big contribution to the development of psychological science and practice in Russia.

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