IFLIT Students Successfully Terminated the Italian Language Course in Italy


A group of students of the Institute of Foreign Languages and International Tourism at PSU, supervised by I.S. Stroeva, assistant professor at the Chair of Theoretic Linguistic and Practice of Intercultural Communication, terminated a three-week course of Italian language and culture, organized by the Department of Philology and Cultural Legacy at the Luigi Vanvitelli Campania University (Italy).

An educational program of the course provided the immersion into the foreign language environment and utilization of interactive and game methods of Italian language teaching. The course culminated in a complex exam, which included a written grammar part as a test, as well as an oral part. The IFLIT students managed to show high result at the exam, which allowed them to receive Italian language certificates of the Luigi Vanvitelli Campania University.

Apart from the educational part, the course included the Italian culture acquaintance. During a rich culture study program, IFLIT students visited a famous residence of the Naples royal house of Bourbon in Caserta, Royal Palace in Naples, as well as a legendary ancient amphitheater in Santa Maria Capua Vetere, related to the names of many Roman gladiators, and the most famous of them Spartak. Vesuvius volcano climbing, visiting of the Pompeii archeological excavation, trip to Positano, a pearl of the Amalfi Coast were among others interesting program’s destination. The students were able to visit a numerous cultural and historic sights of the Eternal City of Rome, the Italian capital, and Vatican museum complex.

In addition, PSU students made new friends with Italian students, who learn Russian language at Pushkin Institute – Center of Russian Language and Culture, opened by our university at the Department of Philology and Cultural Legacy at Luigi Vanvitelli Campania University. The Center is headed by B.B. Takushinova, lector at the Chair of Linguocommunicativistics and Applied Foreign Languages.

Institute of Foreign Languages and International Tourism and members of the group pay gratitude to Professor V.E. Mishin, Head of the Department of International Relations and Educational Programs, and its colleagues, as well as to Professor A.M. Akopyants, Head of the Institute of Foreign Languages and International Tourism, for their assistance in this Italian trip organization.

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