From November 22 to 23, Pyatigorsk State University took part in the Gallery of Russian Universities, organized by the Russian House of Science and Culture in Berlin.

Our university was represented by N.M. Kashirina, Associate Professor at the Chair of Lingoucommunicative and Applied Foreign languages at the Institute of Foreign Languages and International Tourism of PSU. In order to present the university in a unique and diverse way, a new form of “binary live presentation” was applied in collaboration with Ulrich Kopitz, a German citizen who had been cooperating with IFLIC for several years. The point is that a foreigner together with a university officer promotes the education programs, drawing maximum attention. Kopitz together with N.M. Kashirina told students and pedagogues of Germany about academic opportunities of Pyatigorsk State University, high qualification of its teaching staff, open-mindedness and professionality of the university administration, motivation and communicability of students, attractiveness of the region, and other. Russian as Foreign Language was the program that attracted the biggest interest as well as to the tourism cluster of the region, which showed a big demand for programs on educational tourism.

On the second day of the Gallery’s work, a round-table took place with the director of the Russian House of Science and Culture in Berlin Pavel Izvolsky, where participants determined and discussed directions of further collaboration.

The work of the Gallery of Russian Universities at EXPOLINGUA Fair of Languages and Culture in Berlin took place in an atmosphere of mutually beneficial interest and cooperation. Pyatigorsk State University was granted a Certificate of a participant.

For Pyatigorsk State University this event was a new stage of a long-term strategy of advertisement and promotion activity, aimed at the attraction of European students and successful implementation of international academic mobility of students and scientific and pedagogic workers.
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