Academic Cooperation of IRGLIHT with F. Schiller University of Jena in Germany

Dynamic development of international relations and academic collaboration with foreign partners became a constituent part of the high-qualified experts training at PSU.

This activity, based on the old traditions of international cooperation and principals of internationalization of higher education, determines the principal priorities of our university’s institutes and chairs.

Enhancement of the existing relations, search for new, non-traditional forms of cooperation, increase collaboration area with foreign partners are the principals of international activity of PSU, directed by Professor V.E. Mishin.

The Chair of German Studies and Intercultural Communication of IRGLIHT closely cooperates with the Department of International Ties and Educational Programs of Pyatigorsk State University, which coordinates all international activities of the university.

N.V. Papka, Coordinator of International Relations on German language of IRGLIHT, Director of the Center of German Language and Culture, Associate Professor at the Chair of German Studies and Intercultural Communication, continues active work in this direction.

The Chair of German Studies and International Communication in 2019 carries out different international projects in collaboration with the German Service of Academic Exchange (DAAD), Goethe Institute, International Association of German Culture, German Youth Association, and network partner Donetsk National University (PRD).

Programs of academic cooperation are implemented with two partner universities:
Institute of Applied Sciences in Sankt Pölten (Austria)
Friedrich Schiller University in Jena (Germany).

A new relations stage is achieved with F. Schiller University in Jena, Germany. Invited by PSU, Professor Annegret Plontke-Lüning came from the German university for experience exchange after the update of a collaboration agreement with this academic partner in Pyatigorsk State University in 2019.

A. Plontke-Lüning took part in “Social Engineering: how human changes the world” – international scientific and practical conference, held by the Chair of German Studies and Intercultural Communication (November 13-16, 2019).

The conference took place within the frameworks of the project of the Chair of German Studies and International Communication “Days of Germany in Pyatigorsk – 2019”, devoted to the 250th anniversary of Alexander von Humboldt, an outstanding German scientist, encyclopedist, geographer, traveler, and naturalist. 

Dr. Plontke-Lüning performed her report “Auf Alexander von Humboldts Pfaden. Marcell Restle (1932-2016) -Byzantinist und Universalgelehrter”, devoted to Marcell Restle, philosopher, archeologist, linguist, and art historian, who was a successor of Alexander von Humboldt, and had a task of discovery of nature as a whole, he gathered evidence about interaction of natural forces and cared a lot about future generations. 

Professor Annegret Plontke-Lüning read an open online lecture on “Das Humboldt-Forum in Berlin. Geschichten und Funktionen” for students of II add IV years, who study German at IRGLIHT.

The lecture focused on history, peculiarities of architecture, exhibition collections and functions of a Berlin museum complex of Humboldt-forum, and it impressed the students.

Interaction with foreign universities gives great opportunities for foreign educational internships for students and lecturers of the university.

In September 2016, III year German language student Darya Kopylova went to Friedrich Schiller University in Jena for a semester educational program.

This academic cooperation is determined by the principal areas of international cooperation, implemented in PSU, regulations of the strategic programs of “Further Integration of PSU into Bologna Process and World Educational Space (master’s directions)” for 2011-2020. 
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