ПГУ вновь отнесен к числу лучших вузов России по результатам независимой экспертизы Благотворительного фонда Владимира Потанина
It has been the 19th time that PSU was listed among the best Russian universities, following the results of an independent examination of Vladimir Potanin’s Charity Fund.

Since 2000 Vladimir Potanin’s Charity Fund has been implementing programs in the field of education, aimed at the support for talented students and lecturers from the most dynamically developing universities of Russia. Following the new strategy dated 2017, the Fund’s activity intends to unite active creative professionals and leaders of changes, who take part in the solution of socially significant tasks, who strive for stable changes, and to support the realization of ideas that develop a social environment.

Vladimir Potanin’s scholarship program combines a competition for Potanin’s scholarship for master’s students, grant competition for the lecturers at master’s studies, as well as the Fund School and a whole range of other competitions and events. The scholarship and grant competitions of the program are available for students and lecturers of master’s studies to participate from 73 universities, the list of which is formed based on the annual Ranking of Higher Educational Facilities according to Vladimir Potanin’s Charity Fund. Among others, the ranking reflects an aggregative expert assessment of the achievements of the students and lecturers, who take part in last year’s competitions. The winners get a chance to participate in the Fund School, master’s studies conference, as well as other competitions and events of the Fund.

Pyatigorsk State University entered the 75 best universities in Russia according to the Ranking of Higher Educational Facilities of the Vladimir Potanin’s Charity Fund in the 2019/2020 academic year. More than half of the universities from the list have a status of district Federal universities, Scientific and Research institutes, flagship universities. The list also includes big Moscow universities. The traditional inclusion of PSU into the ranking of the best universities once again proves a high level and activity of young lecturers and students of Pyatigorsk State University, as well as its right way of training of new-type graduates.

A new submission period for competitions and grants starts on October 2, 2020. The winners of the competitions will get a chance to participate in the Fund School, master’s studies conferences, as well as in other competitions and events of the Fund, which will be announced later.

We will support the participants and uphold the name of Pyatigorsk State University together! Keep up!