Pyatigorsk State University is 82!


In August 1939, the Council of People’s Commissars or the RSFUR in Pyatigorsk issued a decree on the formation of a four-year pedagogical and two-year teachers’ institute. This was the beginning of an unaffiliated higher education facility, which transforming and modernizing every year has become one of the most famous universities of the region that occupies leading positions in the university rankings not only in Russia but also abroad.

The 82nd anniversary is the history of ambitious and creative hard work. Today Pyatigorsk State University is not just a higher education facility, it is a “university that opens and transforms the world.”

PSU celebrated its anniversary following all the social distancing and individual protection rules. Since the morning of October 15, the Graduates Square at the main entrance hosted sports competitions: tug-of-war, arm wrestling, kettlebell lifting with the involvement of the strongest students. The celebration day culminated in the concert, prepared by the Student Club – Center of Culture and Creative Development, which gathered the university’s administration, teaching staff, employees, and students of all the institutes and higher schools.

Professor Aleksandr Pavlovich Gorbunov, Rector of PSU, congratulated everyone on that big day from the stage: “With all my heart I want to congratulate everyone on our holiday, the Day of the University! Today we have an opportunity to say words of gratitude to our teaching staff, scholars, employees, students, and to confirm that our work results are so fruitful because we work together!” A. Gorbunov also mentioned that PSU had received a certificate of an independent quality assessment of educational activity, carried out by the Public Council at the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation for its strong performance:

  • “Openness and availability of information about the organizations which carry out educational activity” 99.49%;

  • “Comfort conditions for the educational activity” 98.17%;

  • “Service availability for the disabled persons” 99.95%;

  • “Workers’ benevolence and politeness” 99%;

  • “Satisfaction with the conditions of the organization’s educational activity” 97.4%.

The results of the assessment have shown a high quality of the conditions of the educational activity, provided by Pyatigorsk State University.

Many employees of PSU were awarded Certificates of Honor and Gratitude from the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation, Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation, Ministry of Education of Stavropol Krai, Duma of Stavropol Krai, Pyatigorsk Mayor, and others.

Different degree diplomas were handed out on stage to the Institutes and Higher Schools, chairs, employees of the university. The best educational programs by the results in the 2020/2021 academic year were also marked out.

All Institutes and Higher Schools told their congratulatory speeches. Students prepared creative shows and said a lot of good words: “PSU is our second home, and we always want to come back here”, - they said.

Pyatigorsk State University never stops developing and improving. It plans a lot more victories in the future. We wish our university to increase its high scientific potential, preserving the long and proud traditions, established by many generations of lecturers and students!

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