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Participation of PSU in the 5th International Congress of Spanish Scholars of Russian, Eastern Europe, and Central Asia

Участие ПГУ в V Международном конгрессе испанистов России, Восточной Европы и Центральной Азии
On October 20 and 22, 2021, Moscow held the 5th International Congress of Spanish Scholars “Spanish Studies in the Digitalization Era.”

The event was organized by Moscow State Linguistic University, Association of Spanish Scholars of Russia, Cadiz University (Spain) together with the Spanish Embassy in the Russian Federation, Russian Embassy in Spain, Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation, Russian Ministry of Education and Science, Spanish Ministry of Culture and Sports, Russian Academy of Sciences, Spanish Royal Academy of Language, Cervantes Institute.

The conference gathered leading Russian and foreign scholars, representatives of diplomatic corps of Russia, Spain, Latin America countries: Mexico, Columbia, Cuba, Bolivia, Uruguay, Peru, Chile, El-Salvador.

This year Congress was devoted to the crucial problem of our times, which is a transformation of an educational system in the pandemic era, as well as to the common problems: theory of translation and contrastive research; theory and practice of Spanish language teaching; professional discourse; Spanish in the field of business communication; theoretic linguistics, etc.

The Congress was a platform for different subject discussion: from contemporary European policy and issues of linguistics and international communication, up to the role of Spanish as an internationalization instrument. A certain focus was made on the newest ideas and technologies of distant study of Spanish.

Pyatigorsk State University was represented at the Congress by N.V. Khomovich, Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, Senior Lecturer at the Chair of Linguocommunicativistics and Applied Foreign Languages. Apart from the report's performance, she made a big work on international cooperation development with universities as well as with cultural and educational centers of Spain and Central and South America countries. Together they planned the perspectives of joint activity on the establishment and development of international relations and international educational programs.


Natalya Vladimirovna