Russian World Fund and PSU: Creation of Mountain Echo Poetic Media Resource

Pyatigorsk State University has become an initiator and creator of Mountain Echo, a new media project. From September to October 2021, the PSU Mediacenter shooted videos on Russian and native literature to popularize Russian language and Russian literature, as well as native North Caucasus languages and literature. This resource is implemented with support from the Russian World fund.

Mountain Echo media resource is aimed at the strengthening of Russian and native languages positions. The timeliness of the project is conditioned by the making of an innovative creative product, which is to promote tolerance, improve communication culture in the NCFD. The media resource includes a series of videos, called “Russian Classics in Native Language” with students reading poems of great Russian poets in Russian and their native languages, “Native Literature in the Translation Mirror” with students reading poems of North Caucasus poets in their native languages together with their translation in Russian. These materials may become an additional cognitive and methodical instrument for classes of Native Language and Native Literature in schools, as well as in secondary vocational and higher education facilities.

We want to thank an organizing committee and the creators of that new creative and cognitive product: Tatyana Kanancheva, Head of the PSU Mediacenter, and Nina Orlova, Associate Professor at the Chair of Literature and Pedagogic Technologies of Philological Education.


Tatyana Petrovna

Nina Anatolyevna