“Islamic Education in Multicultural Environment of Russia: yesterday, today, tomorrow” International Scientific  and Practical conference took place on 7-9th October 2015 in Pyatigorsk State Linguistic University supported by the Federal Agency for the Nationalities of the Administration of Plenipotentiary of the President of the Russian Federation in the NCFD, Spiritual Directorate of the Muslims of Stavropol krai, Pyatigorsk and Cherkessk eparchy, Kunt-Khadzhi Russian Islamic University, Imam Abu Khanifa North Caucasus Islamic University, and Dagestan Humanitarian University.

The representatives of the state and religious organizations, institutions, as well as leading theologians of the country took part in the meeting. Professor A.P. Gorbunov, the Rector of PSLU, vice-president of the Russian Rectors’ Union, the Head of the NCFD Institutions Rectors Council, opening the plenary meeting expressed hope that the conference would be the next step for the establishment of international and inter-confessional unity. “Today our unity is absolutely natural, because despiritualization is the biggest evil and danger. It leads to the colossal splits which we can observe. When we work together on the same “field” shoulder to shoulder in mutual understanding we can see completely new results,” he said.

During the meeting, the contribution of PSLU in the field of international and inter-confessional interaction was noted by the conference participants. Theophilactus, Archbishop of Pyatigorsk and Cherkessk on behalf of His Holiness Cyril Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia handed a high Patriarch award to A.P. Gorbunov, the Rector of PSLU – anniversary medal of the Russian Orthodox Church “In memory of 1000th anniversary of repose of Equal-to-the-Apostles great prince Vladimir.”

The meeting participants also discussed the issues of Islamic education in the country, principal directions and prospects of the development of Islamic theology in higher school, state-confessional and inter-confessional interaction in contemporary educational process. 
A seminar for the experience of PSLU in human resources preparation for different state and religious organizations on the “State-confessional relations in modern Russia” program took place within the frameworks of the conference. The seminar discussed the peculiarities, contents, and practical orientation of advances training programs.

After the event, collected papers of the conference participants will be prepared.
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